Aiming to provide optimal IT infrastructures that satisfy customers' needs----

With the goal of providing optimal IT infrastructures that satisfy our customers’ needs, we at Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. have been committed to providing such systems to those customers for many years. Amid the current trends toward concentration, distribution, physical integration, and virtualization, our goal is to offer unique and highly advanced IT services based on the know-how that we have acquired.

(1) Technical and verification capabilities

We offer one-stop services for IT infrastructures, ranging from design and creation, through installation and maintenance, to operation, while assisting customers attain the secure, continuous operation of their IT infrastructures throughout the IT life cycle. We have internal verification facilities for evaluating and verifying the interconnection between open systems in legacy to open connectivity, multi-vendor environments.

(2) Ability to respond to customers

To enable us to plan and propose the creation of IT infrastructure systems that will be compatible with future technology as part of a corporate informatization strategy, we have set up a system whereby we can accurately determine the needs of our customers, identify their issues, and promptly satisfy the demands that they make of us.

(3) Ability to make good judgments

Since our foundation, Kanematsu has continued to identify and verify the most advanced interface technologies both at home and abroad, enabling us to predict market trends and provide customers with the latest technologies. With the ability to make good judgments, acquired over our 40-year history, we are able to solve the core issues facing our customers, in addition to providing unique and advanced products and technologies, thereby supporting our customers in improving their competitive edge.


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